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Handwashing : 6 Steps to Proper Hand Washing


Currently we live in a new NORMAL. Everyone around the world is being more mindful of germs and Viruses. With the onset of Covid-19 we have found ourselves stuck at home, wearing mask’s in public, and even practicing social distancing. With all that we have pushed the idea of steps to proper hand washing. We understand that there are six steps to the proper technique to getting those hands clean of germs. The six steps will be discussed in this post below so you understand what you need to do for optimal hand cleanliness.

Step One: Turn on the Water

First step to this process is to turn on the water. In order to turn on the water safely without touching the faucet knobs you should take a paper towel and turn on the hot and cold water in order to get a nice stream of water. Using one hand check the temperature of the water in order to make sure the water is not to hot, and not too cold. You will want the water to be hot, but not too hot that it will burn you. Once you have the water at the correct temperature you can throw away the paper towel you used.

Step Two: Thoroughly Wet Both Hands

At this point you will want to take both hands, and place them under the water. Massage both hands together under the water to ensure they are thoroughly wet. Include your wrists when getting your hands wet. When it is time to wash both hands you will want to also including washing part of the way up your wrists as well to ensure cleanliness.

Step Three: Apply Soap

During this step you will want to apply soap to the palm of one hand. When using a have a wall mounted soap dispenser, you place 4-5 pumps of soap into your hands. This will give you a good amount to use on your hands. If you have a counter top dispenser you will do the same with 4-5 pumps of soap into your hands by placing one hand under the pump, and using 2 fingers to press down on the pump 4-5 times to get enough soap into the palm of your hand.

Step Four: Begin to Massage the Soap on your Hands

Your hands at this point should be wet enough that when you begin to massage the soap on to your hands it should make a nice lather. If your hands are not wet enough you can put the hand without the soap on it under the water to make it wet so you will get a nice lather. When massaging your hands together, you will want to sing the song “Happy Birthday” during the process. This is the perfect length of time to wash your hands is no less than 20 seconds. When massaging your hands together follow these six steps:

  1. Rub palm to palm. This will get the lather started
  2. Rub palm over the back of your hand interlacing your fingers. Switch hands to repeat this step.
  3. Rub palm to palm interlacing your fingers. Get in between your fingers really well.
  4. Cup fingers together interlocking your fingers. Scrub back and forth.
  5. Rub around thumb, and around wrists. Repeat on other hand.
  6. Place fingernails in the palm of opposite hand, and scrub them in a circular motion. Repeat with other hands.





Step Five: Rinse Soap off Hands

Once you have scrubbed your hands, now is the time to rinse off the soap. Follow the six steps above to rinse off all the soap from your hands. You want to make sure that you wash off all the soap from your hands, and wrist. If you don’t get all the soap off it can cause you to get dry skin, or it can irritate the skin over time.

Step Six: Turn off the Water

Now that you have thoroughly washed your hands you will want to dry them off completely. Grab 3-4 paper towels to dry your hands. If your hands are not dry enough, you can take another 3-4 paper towels to continue drying your hands the rest of the way. Water that is left on the skin will cause damage to the skin. Your skin can dry out, and get red and cracked which can be painful. Throw away your paper towels. Now grab one more paper towel to turn off the water. Throw away that paper towel. Remember to grab one more paper towel so that you can turn the handle on the door to not contaminate your freshly clean hands.

Hand Hygiene is Essential!

Hand hygiene is essential to personal health. Bacteria and viruses live on every surface we touch. So to ensure we don’t get sick we want to make sure we are washing our hands several times a day. When we take our own hand hygiene seriously, we also protect those around us from getting sick as well. It is a duty to ourselves, and others that we maintain clean hands throughout our daily lives.

Many people ask about the use of hand sanitizer. Use of hand sanitizer can be used in place of hand washing if you are not able to wash your hands right away. Hand sanitizer should never replace hand washing. The sanitizer does not kill all the germs we come in contact with, and they don’t completely clean your hands. Every chance you get you should always use soap and water. Wash your hands after every meal, after using the toilet, when they are soiled. It is okay to use lotion on your hands as well to keep them from getting dry and cracked. As stated before soap and water can dry out the skin so putting on hand lotion is essential in keeping the skin moist. If they skin breaks down and cracks it is an opening for disease to enter our bodies. So make sure to keep the skin moist and clean, and remember to not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. It is our jobs to keep the infection from entering our bodies.




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